How Much Tax do You Pay?

Coming Soon: Calculate your own tax burden:

On earnings of Gross Income of $90,000.00, a Married Independent Contractor can earn $77,000.00 after tax, while the employee will take home about $68,000.00.

Take advantage of the benefits of becoming an independent KPC contractor.

By contracting through KPC, and hiring your company out to the highest bidder you can be classed as an independent contractor with all the benefits of owning a small business.

This means that your company income will be taxed at the corporate tax rate (which is substantially lower than the personal tax rate as an employee), and you will have the ability to write off all associated costs of operating your company. Many of these costs are paid by employees in after-tax dollars.

How Do We Assist you?

How do We Help You Become an Independent Contractor?

  • We provide a Turn Key Service , assisting you in setting up a small business.
  • We ensure the registration required with all federal and provincial agencies is completed.
  • We provide a detailed information package on how to set up your home office and corporate bank account.
  • We provide electronic time sheets.
  • We set up your corporate books and provide monthly book keeping services.
  • We do the year end corporate taxes, plus personal taxes for both contractor and spouse.

Why Do We Provide these Services?

  • By ensuring that our contractors’ corporate books and taxes are up to date at all times, we take the worry out of managing their companies.
  • We provide all the requirements between contractor and client, to support independent contractor status.

Our Pledge to you

KPC is here to assist all of our Key Contactors in achieving their future financial goals both for themselves and their families.

We will provide assistance and support at each step of the transition process to becoming a KPC Contractor.



Increase your Take Home Earnings and have the Freedom to Choose your Future: With your own corporation, you can hire your spouse to work for you, effectively splitting your income. Your company can buy computer equipment, vehicles or other eqipment required for your industry, or pay for education courses to keep up your professional skills.

You will be able to take advantage of the Lower Tax rates afforded to you.

We remove the worries of managing your own company by providing the professional services of our associate partners in accounting services, tax preparation, financial planning and insurance services.


Benefit Plans

Besides higher take home income, contractors realize greater opportunities to get control of and restructure their finances.

Benefit and savings plans are tailor made to suit the needs of the contractor and in most cases will provide better retirement savings and coverage.

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