The Smart Way to do Business


Key People Contracting Ltd., is a staffing agency that specializes in reducing employee payroll costs for small to medium-size businesses. We are dedicated to helping companies do business the smart way.

Our key to success is the personalized approach we take to assisting companies in reducing staffing costs while attracting and retaining key personnel.

By using the KPC contracting service, our Client’s overall costs are reduced, allowing that saved revenue to be added to its financial margin.

Contractors realize higher take-home pay, a lower tax bracket on their earnings, and the ability to write off operating expenses. It’s a win-win situation.


The result is a streamlined employment process that benefits a company in three key ways:

  • One, Reduced Staffing Costs. The savings come partly from a company having fewer employees on the payroll.
  • Two, Lower Administration Costs. This includes, for example, not having to administer vacation and benefit plans and produce T4 slips. This adds to the company’s financial margin. Benefit plans are available to independent contractors through outside sources.
  • Three, Increased Productivity. Contracting helps attract and retain key personnel because independent contractors have higher take-home income. Company morale increases, higher work standards usually result, and an overall increase in productivity follows.